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After I embarked on a mission to increase my financial literacy, I was amazed at how fast my life started to change. I felt more secure in my future, sound in my financial decisions, and gained newfound confidence in myself. When I write personal finance content, it's my goal to make my readers feel the same way. So, if you are on the hunt for a writer that can break down the most difficult to understand financial subjects while keeping your readers engaged, I would love to talk about working together. 

Although I enjoy writing about all areas of personal finance, I am especially skilled in the following areas:

​Credit Cards • Budgeting • Saving • Insurance • Loans • Credit 

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"Sometimes financial lessons can be hidden in familiar places, like your favorite TV shows. Here are our top 5 lessons that we learned after binge-watching some of our favorites."

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Michigan To Open Their First LGBTQ Credit Union..

"Superbia Credit Union is the first credit union to design their services around the needs of the LGBTQ community. With their opening set for early 2020, here is our run down of what they will offer."

5 Financial Lessons We Learned From Our Favorite TV Shows

"I know first hand how exciting buying your first home can be, but I am here to remind you not to let yourself get distracted! Learn from my biggest financial mistake."

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15 Financial New Year’s Resolutions To Make In 2021

"2020 is ending (finally) and it is time to start setting resolutions for 2021. Why not try to improve your financial health by following one, or more, of these financial New Year's resolutions?"

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My Biggest Financial Mistake As A New Homeowner...


Food has always been at the center of my life. From an early age, I began a lifelong journey of learning how to not only cook, but also express love and joy through sharing food with other people. I've spent years of my life soaking up every drop of knowledge made available to me. Luckily, I had many great teachers along the way. I started by learning the basics in my family's kitchen, then worked my way up from dishwasher to prep cook, to line cook, and all the way to store manager at a beloved Maine bakery. It wasn't easy, but I enjoyed the ride!


I enjoy writing content that invites readers to try new recipes, expand their palate, explore the history of food, and enjoy the magic that is created by bringing food and people together. 

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Menu Planning And Food Budgets Made Simple

"Are you overspending on food? Let me walk you through how to create a food budget and menu plan, so you can start taking back your spending."

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Millennials Are Shaking Up Thanksgiving: Friendsgiving, Smaller Birds,.. 

"Millennials have a habit of shaking things up, and Thanksgiving is no different. Find out how Millennials are spending the holiday this year in the midst of COVID-19."