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Image by Justin  Bisson Beck

Financial literacy is one of the most valuable gifts that you can give to your readers. 

Financial literacy is key to building lasting wealth, security, and most importantly, the ability to make life-altering financial decisions with confidence. I am passionate about helping to make this powerful knowledge accessible to all people, especially those whose access has been limited or denied. 

With this in mind, I write thoughtful personal finance content that makes a positive impact in readers' lives, but also converts. Through my writing, I will help you keep your readers coming back to engage with your brand time and time again. 


I fell into the personal finance industry almost by accident. 

After spending years rising up the ranks of the food industry, I was ready for a change of pace. That is when my husband told me about an opportunity to write for a popular financial independence blog.  I had never written professionally before, but I was determined to teach myself.


By the time that my first article went to publish, I was hooked on helping people become their best financial selves.

From there, I went on to write for popular personal finance site Money Under 30. After several months, I was asked to join the team as an Editorial Assistant. Through that experience I sharpened my skills as a writer, an editor, and a problem solver. 

Now, I enjoy writing content that educates the reader by meeting them where they are. Creating approachable, personal copy, that encourages positive growth is how I best accomplish this. 

I live in Maine with my husband, our dog, and our three cats. When not at my desk, you can find me pursuing my artistic endeavors while listening to a true crime podcast.  

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